Wheel of the Damned

by Pale Robin

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released October 14, 2012

All songs written by Pale Robin.

Pale Robin is Mars: accordion, piano, saw, guitar, tenor banjo, vocals

with Matador- Dorota Lisdoonvarna: fiddle, vocals; tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10
Mathew Harmon: guitar, vocals; tracks 1, 4, 10
Allen Degenerate: drums; tracks 1, 3, 4, 10
and Wesley Somers: guitar; track 9
Tyler Martin: trumpet; track 2

Engineered by Dustin ST Wright with a lot of help from Baldwin Meek at Cabrillo College recording studio and Dustin's room.
Produced by Pale Robin
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound

Album art by Naali AElfgifu

A big thanks to Matador, for playing on this record and being awesome to work with and hang out with. Thanks to Wesley for playing that sick guitar part on Canyon of Chronic Fire, and to Tyler for laying down the trumpet. I can hardly express the gratitude I have for Dustin ST Wright for working so many hours for so many months for virtually no pay to get this music recorded. And Baldwin Meek for coming in and getting shit done. Thank you so much to Naali for being inspired to make that amazing art after one conversation about the concept of the Wheel of the Damned. Yall are amazing.



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Pale Robin Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: 01-Stuck on a Staircase
saving up for nothing you will notice
open wide, here comes a mouth full
it leaves a trace of your disgrace.
looking out waiting for the sound of
a helicopter whizzing past our heads
it leaves a trace of their distaste

look at this sign, its all around me
look at this sign, I can't be bothered

you fell asleep in a chair in an office
we recognized the emptiness don't vanish
it leaves a trace on your face.
the madness around, the lights and booming lorries
your parents house, what you'll have to tell your lovers
they left a trace in your place.
we're stuck on a staircase.
Track Name: 02-Morning Sweater/Can Never You Rest a Hand 1
seeing in double now with crippled eyes
we've faced this lake a thousand times.
you I know, a creature so
I'll wear my sweater and still hold on.

The seasons overcast, monsters caught in my throat
I have another voice
it spits and hurts.
please don't forget me before I was crazy, when we were holy
you smiled to see me, you still amaze me
though this is crazy.

seeking in the cloud this shit
I'm all stuck in it.
I'm afraid of flying and on a plane.
I want to see you on the ground
I'll wear my sweater and still hold on

Can never you rest a hand?
You've captured the mice in the pantry again
Can never you rest a hand?
My doorstep's a graveyard of dead gifts you've left
Track Name: 03-Necromancer
I'm just picking up where I've left off.
This conversation reads like some kind of law.
wasting choices based on hopes and fears
forgetting all the things that brought me here

stay long for the ride
this crime alone walks me home.
look for the tide,
the darkened sky is on my side this time.

I'm just back to as I have cast off
abandonment has caused us fallen lost
we were all we had that we held dear
no more pacing back and forth this year

lifting gaps that leap to sway
selflessness and self decay
Track Name: 04-Almost Tame
sight sense is almost tame
looking out the car in a hollow way.
Track Name: 05-Of the West (and eastbound for summer)
It rained all the platinum reflections that made their way into your dreams.
and the feathers that fell of your body I kept and saved though my memory complete.
We laughed on the sets of the movies they made
and broke down into waves
all the sounds that we swore were where music was born
what we heard took us prisoner from sleep.

The moon for a lantern for reading lips to learn the words for her
and knowing the crow for to trust and ancient in your way.
Track Name: 06-It Wears
the kids are waiting on a hollow, limbless projection to put them up for treason against themselves or everyone else they've met.

You know it wears.

the shame is living in a sham house, clinging to your lovers. It gets to you and sings to you in a voice thats old and beautiful like a habit that aches us but seems to linger on.

You know it wears.
Track Name: 07-Wheel of the Damned
In hearing the loss on the air
a striking comparison there
in the balance that left from our heads
and the blankness on faces that carry the dead.

We suffer this terrible sound with one of our ears under the ground.

The pictures and stories are left
and in all their convenience forget
the lies and the damage they gave
to get us to eat and to make us behave.
We're settling blank to the stone that covers the grave of the old.
Walking in step and in line, pushing the Wheel of the Damned.

The pictures and stories are left
and in all their convenience forget
the voices, you don't heed their call
surrounded by silence that buries us all.
Track Name: 08-Apology to an Assassin
This is the subtle grating down, the squinting from the crashing
Powerless to say and grasp, powerless but grasping still
I was in a war, now the war is in me.
You can't leave for thirty days without planning an assassination
Powerless to hold and scream, powerless but screaming still
I'm in a fight but theres no fight in me.

can't swim alone cause I never learned
can't swim with you cause the water fucking burns
theres no solace in swimming when water is burning.

I was in a war, now the war is in me.
Track Name: 09-Canyon of Chronic Fire
covered up with silver bells
awaken to a golden hell
where no one should dwell
and no one is well.

all gaps pushing out again, the pain that stricken
best of friends. we're moving in a line, in a circle designed so to make them swallow down by hex of the crown
Track Name: 10-Can Never You Rest a Hand 2
Warming your wrists all again
Injured from lacking of rest for your hands
Can never you stay on the ground?
The sky isn't lonely without you around.

Can never you rest a hand?
You've captures the mice in the pantry again
Can never you rest a hand?
My doorstep's a graveyard of dead gifts you've left

Can never you rest a hand?
You've blackened your fingertips playing again
And always a dream flickering,
Unstoppable movement you're dragging me in

Stopped like caught in a southern storm.
And left without any warning.